En sammanställning av min släkt som omfattar nästan alla i Tåsjö
och med grenar över hela Sverige men naturligtvis framförallt
i angränsande socknar.
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Eric Fredolin Ahlquist

Man 1884 - 1949  (65 år)

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  • Namn Eric Fredolin Ahlquist 
    Födelse 1884  London, England Hitta alla personer med händelser på denna plats 
    Kön Man 
    Yrke Skräddare (Tailor) 
    Död 1949 
    • ERIC FREDOLIN AHLQUIST 1884 - 1949 Eric Ahlquist was one of four brothers, sons of a Swedish émigré to the UK, three of whom were conscientious objectors in the First World War; all three lived in Holloway, London, working in the family tailoring firm.Eric, born in 1884, appeared before the Finchley Military Service Tribunal. His application as a conscientious objector on humanitarian grounds was recognised to the extent that he was offered the opportunity of doing Work of National Importance as a condition of exemption from military service. However, as an absolutist, he refused any such condition, arguing that acceptance would be co-operation with the war machine, so the Pelham Committee, charged with allocating such work, referred him back to the Tribunal, who placed him on the military register.He ignored a notice to report to the London (Reserve) Regiment, was arrested by the civil police, brought before the local Magistrates’Court, and handed over to the military in December 1917. Taken to the barracks at Mill Hill, north London, he refused to obey orders such as to put on a uniform; he was tried by court-martial on 22 December 1916, and sentenced to 112 days imprisonment with hard labour, served in Wormwood Scrubs Prison, London. He appeared before the Central Tribunal, sitting at the prison, on 16 January 1917, and was found a “genuine” CO, after all; he was offered, and accepted, the Home Office Scheme, being transferred to an unidentified Work Centre and later to Princetown Work Centre, Dartmoor. He was finally released in April 1919.His much younger brother, Arthur, had similar experiences, but his nearer younger brother, William, was able to do farm work. The youngest brother of all, Victor Olof, was too young for conscription and became a prominent musician.
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    Far Mikael Erik Johansson Ahlqvist
              f. 1 Feb 1854, Rörström (Röström), Tåsjö Hitta alla personer med händelser på denna plats
              d. 16 Sep 1911, London, England Hitta alla personer med händelser på denna plats (Ålder 57 år) 
    Mor Elisabeth Jenkins
              f. 1858  
              d. 9 Apr 1930, London, England Hitta alla personer med händelser på denna plats (Ålder 72 år) 
    Vigsel 17 Mar 1883  London, England Hitta alla personer med händelser på denna plats 
    • The Parish Church in the Parish of Camden Town
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